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Cognos Analytics: The Answers you Need in One Place – Whitepaper

Cognos Analytics The Answers you Need in One Place TechD Whitepaper

Discover the “Why?” about your Data

by: TechD

Cognos Analytics: The Answers you Need in One Place

Discover the “Why?” about your Data

TechD is excited with the release of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.7. This whitepaper will go into what Cognos Analytics has to offer your business in your search to maximize the returns from your data.

Just as every picture tells a story, so does every data point. Unlike other analytics software that tells you what’s happening within your business, Cognos Analytics uses the power of AI to tell you why it happened. Discover the connections that drive your data results and start making more informed business decisions. Running a business today is exponentially more complex than it was just a few years ago. Today’s companies must pay attention to more stakeholders, regulations, risks, and of course pay attention to what their customers are saying. The good news is there is more data available than ever before creating an opportunity for more informed decision making.

In today’s interconnected complex world, companies can no longer make decisions based on limited information and traditional time horizons. Success requires agility and responsiveness to near-real-time data inputs. It’s this new demand for agility that inspired the design behind IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Cognos Analytics brings together reporting, analysis, scorecarding, and dashboards for any sized business. The capabilities expand with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics.

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