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TechD Administrator enables Cognos administrators, report authors and power users to perform everyday tasks that are traditionally tedious and time consuming in managing Cognos server environments. The TechD Administrator includes the following administrative functions:

  • Easily list Objects Type, Location, package and change date
  • Show Running, Scheduled, and Completed Jobs
  • Generate a Framework Manager Model from a published package. Perfect if you’ve lost or are unsure which is you production version.
  • Scan and list reports for specific values based on a specific package. Allows for peace of mind when changing or deleting package values.
  • Generate complete list of named users by group or role. Make sure users have the access you think they have.
  • All results export easily to Excel.

TechD Content Manager gives you unprecedented ability to explore and manage Cognos content. Provides the ability to easily move Cognos objects inside a Cognos server or between Cognos servers as easily as using Windows Explorer. The TechD Content manager enables:

  • Easy copy objects by dragging and dropping them or using windows copy and paste.
  • Support for object migration between different versions of Cognos.
  • Simple and easy user interface to explore and manage users My Folders.
  • Access to orphaned Cognos users that have left the company

TechD License Manager quickly and accurately scans your Cognos environment to determine the licenses that are currently being utilized.

  • Allows a complete self-audit to ensure internal compliance with IBM licensing.
  • Offered a standalone application so the results are internal only.
  • Shows detailed security access by individual named user
  • Available FREE of charge – There are no fees for the TechD License Manager