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Simplify and scale Data Science to predict and optimize business outcomes with IBM Watson!

IBM and TechD invite you to join our Live Webinar

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Simplify and scale Data Science to predict and optimize business outcomes with IBM Watson!

TechD & IBM Live Webinar

TechD in collaboration with IBM is proud to continue the live webinar series throughout the summer! Please join TechD for the 4th Qtr Webinar Edition featuring IBM Watson Data Science! Simplify and scale Data Science to predict and optimize business outcomes with IBM Watson! Live Webinar

Date: October 6th, 2020

Time: 01:00 PM EST

Speaker: David West, IBM Data Scientist and Predictive Analytics Technical Specialist

Webinar Overview

Data science plays a broader role than ever before due to the volume and variety of social, mobile and device data, along with new technologies and tools. Indeed, for data science to be effective, its full life-cycle not only must support traditional analytics, but it must also work in concert with modern applications. Further this means that the practice of data science must evolve beyond routine, tedious tasks. Consequently,  as much 85% of a data scientist’s time is spent on cleaning, shaping and moving data from place to place, often to feed machine learning. As a result, that leaves only a small percentage of time to find patterns and trends, to build models, to predict and forecast, and to interpret results. Hence IBM Data Science solutions combine proven data, analytics and AI technology accelerate business value. Moreover  they help data scientists and business analysts to develop, train and manage models and develop AI-powered applications for the enterprise more efficiently! As a result you can reduce the time and effort spent on data prep through automation and visualization tools fueled by AI and Machine Learning.

• Take advantage of open source and IBM technologies, including: Apache Spark, Jupyter Notebooks, Rstudio and IBM SPSS Modeler.
• Accelerate machine and deep learning workflows, required to infuse AI into your business with IBM Watson Studio.
• Leverage a graphical data science platform to deploy insights at scale with IBM SPSS Modeler.
• Accelerate the process of moving to deployment and integrating AI into key business applications with IBM Machine Learning.
• Flexible deployment options including on the cloud, on premises or in hybrid environments, or as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Webinar Agenda:

  • IBM Watson Data Science Overview

Proven and Trusted Enterprise AI | Open Design | Governed | AutoAI

  • Introduction and Overview of the IBM Data Science Platform

Data Refinery | Automated Data Prep and Deployment with Machine Learning | Optimized Lifecycle Management with AutoAI | Leverage Open-Source: Jupyter Notebooks, R and Python | Visual Modeling with SPSS Modeler | Hybrid Deployment Options

  • Use Cases and Live Demonstrations of IBM Data Science Applications

Predictive Policing with Jupyter Notebooks | COVID-19 Spread Prediction with IBM Watson Studio & Machine Learning | Predicting Student Success with IBM SPSS Modeler

  • Q&A

Put the power of AI and data to work for your business.

We look forward to virtually meeting you.


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