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On-Demand Webinar: Transform Retail with IBM Big Data Solutions

Posted by: Dev Team

Presented by: Marc Martina, Managing Partner and System Architect with TechD

New technologies have permanently transformed how customers communicate, interact, research and shop for goods and services. Retail data paired with retail analytics, can assist retailers in understanding and responding with actionable retail insights to the disrupted landscape and changing customer expectations.

During this webinar you will:

  • Increase Revenue and Deliver a Smarter Shopping Experience – Build a multi-dimensional view of customer information across channels and touch-points to proactively service and interact with customers where, when, and how they want.
  • Increase Your Customer Base and Provide a Contextual View of the Customer – Develop strategies to acquire, best serve, and retain valued customers.
  • Reduce Customer Loss and Increase Efficiency by analysis of the myriad of customer data can provide invaluable retail insight – Examine historical sales transactions and customer interactions along with contextual information, such as current purchase activity across distribution channels.

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