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A complete view of your data from any source, in every form, anywhere it resides so you can trust the data you use while leveraging cutting edge technology.

Data is your most strategic asset, and you can’t afford to keep it in the dark. AI helps you unlock your valuable data so that you can make the most of it and use it to drive better business decisions in far less time than before. IBM Cloud Private for Data is an open, cloud-native infrastructure for AI that allows you to completely change your relationship with your data.

This integrated platform still keeps governance and security strictly in your hands, while adding data and analytics microservices where you have the need for them. Infuse AI across your business, gaining all the benefits of the cloud with the peace of mind that comes from a private, secured environment.

IBM turned to Red Hat to build the foundation of Cloud Paks. At the bottom of the stack, there is Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a proven enterprise operating system. The next layer is powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, one of the few enterprise-ready container orchestration platforms available today. The OpenShift Container Platform manages a set of containers deployed as a part of Cloud Pak.