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IBM Cloud Pak for Data – Is Your Data Ready for AI? 

Get a complete view of your data from any source, any place,  and in every form with IBM Enterprise Insights. In the digital age, data is your most strategic asset. If you can’t access it and understand it, your competition will take advantage. Using AI you can now unlock your valuable data like never before. Leverage the Data to make the most informed business decisions. 

Now you can infuse AI across your entire business network for a unified enterprise-insights platform.

IBM Cloud Private for Data is an open and cloud-native infrastructure. Since it is designed for AI it allows you to access and understand your data like never before. The integrated platform keeps governance and security in your hands. At the same token it adds data and analytics insights to where you need them most. Additionally, with IBM Enterprise Insights with Netezza applications you can get all the benefits of the cloud. Above all, the assurance that comes with operating in a private and secure AI environment. 

IBM Enterprise Insights -TechD

IBM partnered with Red Hat to lay the groundwork for Cloud Paks.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux fully supports the foundation. In addition, the Red Hat Open Shift Container Platform powers the next layer.  The few enterprise-ready container orchestration platforms available today. 

IBM Enterprise Insights provides a Unified Experience

Deploy your IBM Cloud Pak  in pre-integrated systems, data centers, or on private and public clouds. IBM Cloud Paks use a common set of services that includes security and identity services, logging, monitoring, and auditing. With features such as scanning for known image vulnerabilities during standard procedures. Above all, IBM ensures security!

The appliance runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux, vSphere, Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM Cloud Paks.

IBM provides you the option of hyper-converged appliances with in-built Cloud Paks or deploy them using your existing infrastructure. Moreover, Cloud Pak a fully integrated, infrastructure is engineered with: VMware, IBM, and Red Hat software.

To Unlock the true power of Data contact our expert team and implement IBM Cloud Pak for Data!

Trust TechD to power and get insights from your data, we are fully certified in the IBM Enterprise Insights Stack.  Above all, our expert team deliver maximum benefits for your organization.