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Extract Data from your Data and solve Business Challenges with IBM Data Science Platform Solutions

IBM Data Science Platform provides your data science team the tools and techniques required to help across multiple departments. Data science scales predictive models and predicts adjuster deployments and fraudulent claims. Paired with machine learning, Data science enables you to extract value from your data. As a result, shorten the time to impact and enhance team productivity. 

Take the journey to Predictive Analytics with IBM Data Science Platform solutions!

IBM Data Science software indeed brings clarity and uniformity to the disparate data discovery and analytics process. The goal of IBM Data Science was to create a solution that leveraged the best capabilities. IBM a leader in data science platform helps you make smarter decisions to accurately predict what happen next.  Above all, it is packed into an integrated, easy to use, collaborative platform. Now, your data scientists and business analysts can easily leverage the valuable insights gained from your data.

Delivered by TechD expertise the transformative technology powers your business.

IBM Watson Assistant- TechD Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is accelerating at a pace unseen before. Machines are almost as good as humans recognizing objects and understanding spoken words. These advancements in AI are growing exponentially. In addition, Digital Businesses and Artificial Intelligence are disrupting virtually every industry and profession. As a result, this accelerated disruption leaves all companies vulnerable. Companies must innovate otherwise, be left behind or, possibly go out of business.

Our IBM Data Science Platform stack offering includes Watson, SPSS and AI Applications.

As part of the IBM Data Science solution family, AutoAI powered by IBM Watson delivers rapid time to value. Furthermore, it simplifies and automates the tedious tasks of model development. This also allows for data scientists and business analysts to spend more time on valuable data analysis. An example of IBM innovation is Virtual Agents with ability to respond to your business’ customers. In truth, IBM Data Science solutions unlocks the potential of data!

To help simplify an AI life-cycle management cycle, AutoAI automates:

  • Data preparation
  • Model development
  • Feature engineering
  • Hyper-parameter optimization

Simplify and scale Data Science to predict and optimize business outcomes! 

Contact our IBM certified team of Software Architect to gain insights from your data! Above all, trust TechD with IBM Data Science stack deployment through our extensive portfolio of Training, Services and Resources.