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Organize your data for a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation for AI

Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data are created, shared and stored every day.1 But many businesses wake up with questions about what their data is and isn’t providing. Do you know what your data did last night? Was it available quickly across all data hubs, including data lakes? Did it have the right context? Or did it create another compliance concern? As the business environment becomes more competitive, achieving digital transformation is on everyone’s mind. Demands for faster innovation and insights are requiring businesses to expand data access across the entire organization, causing a need for a modernized data strategy and analytics architecture. New capabilities from IBM enable organizations to address these needs at scale.

IBM Unified Governance and Integration capabilities can:

  • Enhance discovery and cataloging of structured and unstructured data, including IoT data
  • Facilitate collaboration on data usage, allowing users to shop for data and capitalize on selfservice capabilities
  • Enable embedding of data governance and data quality, making data trusted
  • Improve the user experience, based on profilespecific user presentation
  • Accelerate compliance, audit and reporting