Evaluation and Assessment for IBM Cognos Analytics Environments

The TechD IBM Cognos Analytics Advisor is a one-day evaluation offered by TechD to organizations with Cognos Analytics implementations that are looking to enhance, expand or repair existing Cognos environments.

TechD will conduct a thorough free one-day evaluation of your Cognos Analytics implementation to assess issues and offer upgrade paths and performance optimization. This includes:

  • Review overall architecture
  • Evaluate hardware specifications
  • Assess software configuration
  • Review security and user roles
  • Conduct an on-site discovery session with key stakeholders
  • Assess expansion plans including licensing and upgrade paths

Through interviews and hands-on assessments and the application of TechD’s CogSuite of IBM Cognos Analytics Tools, TechD will examine all aspects of your Cognos Analytics implementation. The results of this analysis will then be compiled into a comprehensive report designed to maximize the return on your software investment and includes:

  • Assess expansion plans including licensing and upgrade paths
  • Best practices recommendations
  • Cognos Analytics patching requirements
  • Expansion recommendations (if required)
  • Upgrade paths (if needed)