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Your Data is Ready for AI with With IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivered by TechD!

Transform how your business operates with an open, extensible data and AI platform that’s ready to run on any cloud.  Put your data to work quickly and efficiently with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Are you getting the most from your large volumes of valuable data? 

It’s all about having the right tools to access the right data at the right time. For this reason, IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides the tools you need to access your data no matter where it’s located. At the same time, it enables all of your users to collaborate from a single, unified interface.   

From its founding in 1999 to its acquisition by IBM in 2010, Netezza has meant speed and simplicity. Netezza and its follow-on product, IBM PureData System for Analytics, brought supercomputing to the enterprise. The next step in the evolution of Netezza, IBM Performance Server, is built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. IBM Performance Server is a cloud-native system of insight that is 100 percent compatible with existing Netezza and PureData System for Analytics appliances. IBM Performance Server extends current Netezza speed by incorporating NVMe memory, faster processors and 64-bit technology. The result is significantly faster performance with a substantially smaller footprint.  

Designed to simplify, unify, and automate how your data turns into useful insights Collect – simple and accessible data. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data you can run your open, extensible data and AI platform on any platform any cloud. The main three elements are:

  • Organize – business-ready analytics 
  • Analyze – build and scale with confidence 
  • Infuse – harness the power of AI 

Above all, what can IBM Cloud Pak For Data do for you ? Coupled with TechD sales and advisory services, it delivers the foundational platform for deploying an information architecture for AI, on any cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak For Data - TechD

Furthermore, the advanced single, unified analytics platform is designed with features such as: data governance, virtualization, data warehousing data collection and more.

Single, unified platform

The single platform increases speed time to value by integrating data management, data governance, and analysis in one unified platform. Experience greater efficiency, optimize resources and enable self-service collaboration across teams.

Best-in-class data virtualization

Whether on cloud or on-premises, you can query data more easily and more securely across multiple sources. Take advantage of the combined processing power and discover unmatched query acceleration. Get the speed and scalability for today and tomorrow.

Built-in data governance

Together with with embedded, sophisticated governance capabilities, it seamlessly respond to new regulations. As a result, you achieve automated discovery and classification of data. Furthemere and equally important it delivers: sensitive data masking, data zones, and data life cycle management.

Ultimately TechD helps you Unlock the Value of your Data with CP4D.