IBM® Cognos Controller is IBM software that supports the close, consolidate and report process.

Get support for the close, consolidation, and reporting process with the agility and affordability of a cloud-based solution. IBM Cognos Controller enables your finance team to automate and accelerate the financial close with little to no IT support. At the same time, it helps your finance team deliver informative financial results. The IBM Cognos Controller provides your chief financial officer with an enterprise view of critical ratios and metrics. This robust portfolio provides an integrated platform for financial and management reporting. Furthermore, it supports the collection of data from various sources. Consequently, resulting in consolidated financial reports managed by your finance department. As a result, organizations can easily deliver financial statements and reports to stakeholders, line-of-business executives, and regulatory bodies.


IBM Cognos Controller - TechD - Financial Reporting

Cognos Controller Software functionality includes, but is not limited to.:

  • Finance-owned and operated software model
  • Enterprise-scale consolidation
  • Centralization and audit control
  • Parameter-driven consolidation
  • Integration with IBM systems
  • Reduce close and report times

IBM Cognos Controller is Best in Class software for financial consolidation. Coupled with TechD expertise you can Close, Consolidate, and Report Process! 

IBM® Cognos® Controller is now available on Cloud. Cognos Controller web indeed, brings new features, enhancements and capabilities. In addition, it results in increased engaged users with an ever-evolving, innovative, and modern user experience. To summarize, the Controller Web expanded functionality provides the powerful server capabilities:

  • Status of company reporting with near real time updates
  • Consolidation process can be triggered directly from Controller Web
  • Configurable link to IBM Planning Analytics
  • Access to the investment register
  • Counter dimension in data entry and look-up tables
  • Classic log reports available

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