All the answers you need, in one place with Cognos Analytics.

The AI-fueled IBM Cognos Analytics platform supports your entire analytics cycle, from discovery through the entire operation. As a result, you can visualize, analyze, and share the data actionable insights with anyone in your organization. 

Cognos Analytics indeed transforms business operations with its data visualization and data storytelling capabilities. Together with IBM Cloud Pak for Data opens analytics to business users with guided data preparation & advanced analytics. The CA solution is a standardized reporting AI-powered analytics and also, part of the suite of tools for reporting and business intelligence. You can singularly, rapidly uncover and deliver new insights, while you can share findings across the enterprise.

Why Cognos is best BI platform? IBM Cognos is rich with managed reporting and reliable analytics governance. Furthermore  it is powerfully enhanced with IBM Carbon Design System, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language dialogue capabilities. As a result it truly changes the BI game with AI. The IBM Data intelligence suite helps you tell more compelling data stories, while easier to use than ever.

The AI-assisted Business Intelligence and Dashboarding delivers Better Decisions Business Value. In truth, it is the only BI and Analytics platform with AI infused across the full experience. Most importantly it provides data and analytics governance. Above all Cognos Analytics doesn’t just show you a bar, it interprets the data for you with AI

Uncover Insights with: Dashboards – Reporting- Modeling- Explorations and more!

IBM Cognos Analytics -TechD Power BI

IBM Cognos Analytics -TechD Power BI

IBM Cognos Analytics: Better Business Intelligence

– Cloud based business and intelligence analytics

– Create beautiful dashboards and reports with AI recommendations

– Uncover insights in your data using plain language, visual exploration and machine learning

– Clean, join and share data with automation and built-in intelligence

Integrate Smarter BI & Analytics! Preparation and Exploration with AI, a proven platform indeed it becomes  even smarter.


Unbiased Data – Trusted Data Foundation – Natural language details – Visualization toolbar

Advanced analytics features  -Expand crosstab hierarchies -Personalize recommended visualizations

Stand-alone calculations with AI – – Data Analysis and Infusion – Map visualization Support

Our expert team of Software Architect provide an extensive CA Training and Resources portfolio! Drive change in your organization with interactive, animated data stories. Finally let TechD make Cognos Analytics an integral part of your journey to AI!