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Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS analytics and IBM SPSS Modeler 

IBM SPSS Modeler 

The IBM SPSS Modeler is the leading visual data science and machine-learning tool. Firstly, is an intuitive drag-and-drop data science tool that drives ROI and accelerates time to value. Secondly, it helps your enterprise accelerate time to value by expediting your operational tasks. Above all, the IBM SPSS Modeler empowers organizations to tap into data assets and modern applications and uses complete and ready to use algorithms and models. Moreover, SPSS Modeler is suited for hybrid environments and meets robust governance and security requirements. Get it in IBM Watson Studio. 

SPSS Modeler helps you: 

  • Take advantage of open source-based innovation like R and Python. 
  • Empower data scientists of both programmatic and visual skills. 
  • Implement a hybrid approach – in the cloud or on-premises. 
  • Start small and scale to an enterprise-wide, governed approach. 
IBM SPSS Modeler- Predictive Analytics TechD

SPSS Modeler- Predictive Analytics TechD

Key Benefits

Go Live Faster – Put GUI-based data science and machine learning algorithms to work.

Boost Productivity – Empower your coders, non-coders, analysts, and your entire science team.

Seamless Scalability – Start small and expand at a pace that makes sense.

IBM SPSS Statistics 

Statistical analysis just got a lot easier with IBM SPSS Statistics It certainly, provides the ability to easily import and prepare data. In addition, the advanced statistical modeling include decision trees and logistic regression. Finally, the valuable statistics, correlations, and data visualization desired features for decision making. Business users can finally, seamlessly export and report data

Key Features are the following: 

Comprehensive Tool Kit 

  • Work inside a single, integrated interface to run descriptive statistics, advanced statistics, regression, and more. Get publication-ready charts, decision trees, and tables in one tool. 

Open Source Integration

  • Specialized extensions allow you to enhance the IBM SPPS syntax with R and Python. Enjoy over 130 extensions on the IBM Extension Hub, or build your own for a customized solution. 

Seamless Statistical Analysis 

  • A user-friendly, point and click interface makes it easy to perform powerful analysis and create reports.
  • Flexible deployment options allow for easy purchasing and managing of software.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS. 

TechD as an IBM partner delivers successfully IBM Predictive Analytics solutions stack flexible deployment. Indeed, the options include on the cloud, on premises, in hybrid environments, or as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Trust our fully IBM certified team to help you put the power of Predictive Analytics to work for your business.