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Attend TechD & IBM Q4 Live Webinar: Redefining Customer Care in E&U with IBM AI

Machine Learning

Join our Live Webinar on Thursday, December 13, 2018
1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

by: Dev Team

TechD in collaboration with IBM will be hosting the last webinar for 2018 on IBM Artificial Intelligence . The webinar will provide an Exclusive first look at how to Increase efficiency and performance of E&U Call Centers with IBM Artificial Intelligence Watson Assistant & Discovery.


In Energy and Utility companies, Call Centers often serve as the most frequent point of contact with customers.  Recent studies show that electric and gas utility call centers are among the poorest performers in delivering both efficient and effective customer service, in large part to the long duration of time required for solving service and billing problems in the call center.  This dramatically increases call center cost compared to other industries and puts high value customers at risk of churn in deregulated markets.

During the webinar we will:

  • Demonstrate how targeted agent intervention, and next best action using Watson Assistant + Discovery, along with Cognos Dynamic Dashboard, Voice Gateway, Speech to text, Text to speech, Watson Natural Language Understanding, Tone Analyzer, Watson Natural Language Classifier, Watson Machine Learning, Watson Knowledge Catalog, Watson Studio and other cloud components to rethink E&U customer care.
  • Discuss how AI, machine learning, embedded dashboarding and microservices come together to enhance customer satisfaction, predict next best action, and reduce cost to the utility.
  • Specific technologies with used cases that will be demoed are:
    • Watson Discovery
    • Watson Assistant  & Discovery Solution
    • Voice Gateway
    • Cloud Foundry
    • Watson Speech To Text
    • Watson Text to Speech
    • Watson Natural Language Understanding
    • Watson Machine Learning
    • Cognos Embedded Dashboard
    • Current Market Opportunity


Register now and invite your colleagues! We look forward to virtually meeting you.


Marc Martina
Sr. System Architect, TechD


Brad Peterson
Jenny Happas
LaShawn Brown

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