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Smarter Data Protection with IBM Security Guardium: Live Webinar – Dec 10th, 2019

TechD Security Guardium

IBM and TechD invite you to join our IBM Security Guardium Live Webinar

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019
1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

by: Dev Team


Smarter Data Protection with IBM Security Guardium: A Unified Platform for Monitoring, Reporting, and Compliance

IBM Security Guardium solutions enable you to effectively minimize your data risk, protect your critical data, and seamlessly adapt to changes with support for traditional on-premises data technologies as well as current generation technologies such as Hadoop, no SQL, and cloud.  These proven solutions enable organizations to safeguard their most critical resources from the latest security threats.

During the webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to adopt a proactive, holistic approach to protecting critical data across all types of platforms leveraging IBM Security Guardium.
  • Discover threats and security gaps in databases by leveraging the IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Leverage IBM Security Guardium Analyzer to efficiently identify the risk associated with personal and sensitive personal data that falls under GDPR and then apply risk scoring to the results to identify and prioritize the databases that may be most likely to fail an audit, so you can act to minimize your risk.
  • Guardium v11.0:  Installing , Upgrading, Features and Enhancements of the newest version
  • See a live demo of IBM Security Guardium products including Data Protection, Data Encryption, Key Lifecycle Manager and Big Data Intelligence.

Register now and invite your colleagues! We look forward to virtually meeting you.

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