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TechD named Sponsor- Emerge with Resiliency 2020 with IBM

Emerge 2020 with Resiliency an IBM Community Event- TechD sponsor

Virtual Community Event

by: TechD

Proud to sponsor Emerge with Resiliency 2020 Using AI-infused Planning Analytics and Cognos solutions IBM Community Event!

IBM brings business Intelligence to the next level! Accelerate Planning, Evaluate Impact and Take action with Planning Analytics and Cognos a unified experience! Emerge from crisis with resilience and enhance business continuity with smarter analytics for smarter business! Shape the future with IBM Planning and Cognos Analytics for Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D)! Attend the interactive sessions and get the most value from your #data and make it truly #AI-ready! IBM

Using AI-infused planning and analytics solutions

 Emerge with Resiliency 2020

An IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Community Event

November 18, 2020 | 10am-2pm (ET)

Join the virtual event

In a time of uncertainty, only resilient businesses will emerge from disruption even stronger. Join this one-day virtual event to learn how AI-infused planning and analytics solutions can help enhance business continuity. Reduce risk from emerging threats, and help you prepare for and manage disruption.

TechD is a proud IBM Business Partner and are dedicated to help organizations and IBM bring business intelligence to the next level! We resell, implement end to end  IBM Data and Business Analytics software solutions! 

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