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Webinar: Improving Organizational Performance & Patient Outcomes with IBM Advanced Analytics , April 24th, 2019

Healthcare webinar invite

Join our Live Webinar on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
1:00 – 2:00 pm EST

by: Dev Team


Organizations are adopting patient-centered technology and process-improvement strategies to facilitate the exchange and analysis of information, ensure privacy and security, and create more efficient business and clinical processes. IBM Analytics solutions are designed to help you better understand what is happening within current patient populations and actively manage future patient population needs and trends. Transform the way you deliver health and wellness by harnessing previously untapped medical data to discover more than ever thought possible.

During the webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of applying IBM’s advanced analytics and predictive modeling to individual patient insights, from across all channels, to help you transform your patient experience and drive unprecedented loyalty.
  • Discover how to establish a standards-based, collaborative environment with seamless integration between diverse technologies across your network—on the cloud, on premise or hybrid — which enables you to reduce costs and increase operating efficiency.
  • Hear about the challenges CHOP was facing around data integration, information processing and distribution, and real-time insights into patient care.  Understand how IBM’s PureData for Analytics System, deployed by TechD, helped integrate previously disconnected data sources to reduce nightly reporting from several hours down to several minutes.  Also, gain insight into how CHOP & TechD developed a new system to gain near real-time insights to patient care through continuous monitoring of critical medical devices in the operating room.

SPEAKER: Marc Martina
Sr. System Architect, TechD



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