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Making Data Ready for AI: IBM Cloud Pak for Data-Whitepaper

Making-data-ready-for-AI-with-IBM-Cloud-Pak-for-Data TechD

Are you ready for the power of data to propel your business forward? Prepare for AI with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

by: TechD

Making Data Ready for AI: IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Collect. Organize. Analyze. Build.

Businesses and organizations that need to make faster and more informed decisions are adopting increasingly sophisticated analytics methods using the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The primary shift that is occurring is a one from reporting on data to using data to make predictions. AI transforms data beyond reporting and telling companies what has happened or is happening – now using predictive analytics and prescriptive techniques based on AI, and machine learning (ML), data is informing and adding value in near-real-time. The transition from descriptive to predictive analytics is being driven by a need to be less reactive and more proactive. Analytics based on AI and machine learning models have proven to provide better insights. IBM CP4D makes data ready by connecting all of your data sources into a single-balancing collection of data sources or data bases.

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